Ekte Perfect Serves

Gin & Tonic £9.50

Freya Birch Gin & Tonic with fresh chives
Birch spirit gin with Scandinavian juniper, Seville orange and roasted coriander seeds.

Kongsgaard Raw Gin & Tonic with a delicious red apple fan
A danish small batch gin with apples at its core. Why not emphasise the crisp taste with added delicious red apple.

Koskue Gin & Tonic with navel orange zest
Napue Koskue, Finnish small batch rye gin aged white oak casks. Orange zest to compliment the woody notes.

Kreator Jin & Tonic with fresh Sicilian lemon and raspberries
A Swedish gin with notes of juniper, raspberry and a hint of coriander. Citrus and fruity.

Lab-Organic Gin & Tonic with green apple and rosemary
A Swedish gin with sweet notes of Elderflower, lingonberry and mango with a slight spice from the coriander.

Napue & Tonic with rosemary
A Finnish rye gin with heavy notes for juniper and coriander seeds, spicy, herbal yet refreshing.


Nuet Negroni £10.50
Scandi Old Fashioned £10.50
Nordic Espresso £10.50
Jensen’s Old Tom Collins £9.50
Norwegian Storm £12.00