With 2 celebrated restaurants under our belt – Ekte Nordic Kitchen along the Bloomberg Arcade and city institution, 1 Lombard Street, which is in it’s 23rd year – we’ve decided to do what we do best… Feed you all! But now, in your places of work.

What started off as a request from a couple of local businesses, has evolved into us feeding over 1000 city professionals daily. We cook in our kitchens and deliver to you, or cook in your kitchen/canteen and serve your team. Hot or cold breakfast, lunch and early dinner – we can do everything from healthy salads, vegan, vegetarian to the best steak in the City, and everything in between! All our suppliers are sustainable and local where possible and our packaging and delivery service is all eco friendly.

To find out more, please contact filli@jessen.co.uk

£500 minimum spend required.