Pickled cucumber with smoked seaweed & horseradish £3.00
Radishes with whipped anchovy & kale butter £3.00
Bread selection & hay salt whipped butter £4.00
Air dried cured elk loin with pickled aisier & mustard dressing £5.00



Cauliflower, toasted almonds, cavolo nero & nobis dressing £5.00
Soup of the day £5.50 served with sourdough bread £7.00
Grilled Ox tongue, pickled shallot, wild garlic mayo £8.50
Pan fried Cornish squid, smoked sea weed & lemon aioli, fennel salad £9.00


Grilled chicken, warm potato & wild garlic salad £16.00
Rump of lamb with kohlrabi, cavolo nero, jus & chives £24.50
English asparagus, duck egg, fresh peas, deep fried Jerusalem artichoke, smoked buttermilk emulsion £14.50
, mashed potato, creamy gravy, lingonberries, quick-pickled cucumber £15.00
Fish of the day – changes daily – £Marker price


Smoked carrots £4.50; Seasonal greens £4.50; Grilled hispi cabbage and juniper butter £4.50; Burning love £5.50; Warm potato & wild garlic salad £5.00


Cinnamon bun ice cream £5.00 with a shot of apple brandy £9.00                                                           Sea buckthorn sorbet £4.00
Rhubarb tartcardamom crumble, buttermilk ice cream £7.00
Kladdkaka (sticky chocolate cake), whipped cream, pistachio praline £6.50
Nordic cheeses, apple, sourdough crispbread £9.00

Please note that all menus are subject to change, please email us for the updated menu.