Pickled cucumber with smoked seaweed & horseradish £3.00

Puffed beef tendon, smoked sour cream, curry oil, lumpfish roe £5.00

Confit duck & pork croquette, capers mayonnaise £5.00

Bread selection & whipped butter with hay salt £4.00


Kale salad, butternut squash, roasted seeds, lingonberry £6.00

Sautéed wild mushroom on sourdough toast, Vasterbotten cheese & walnuts paste, tarragon £10.50

Cured trout tartar, dill & watercress dressing, lumpfish roe £8.75

Shortcrust Venison tart, bechamel, horseradish, mix cress and red wine jus £9.50

Onion herring, potato & egg salad with crème fraiche, capers & brown butter £8.75


Pan fried Hake, turnips, prawn sauce & sourdough croutons £19.00

Kroppkakor (Swedish potato dumplings) filled with mushroom & chestnuts, onion squash, sage cream £16.00

Pan fried duck breast, cavolo nero, Kohlrabi, jus £18.50

Frikadeller, mashed potato, creamy gravy, lingonberries, quick-pickled cucumber £16.50

Chef’s selection of herring (Curried herring, Fried pickled herring, Senapssill herring) £21.00

Aged Striploin steak, roasted root vegetables, red wine jus £25.50


Seasonal greens £4.50

Jansson’s temptation (potato & onion gratin), anchovies, breadcrumbs £6.00

Grilled pointed cabbage, orange and juniper butter £4.50

Mashed potatoes, chives and brown butter £5.00


Cinnamon bun ice cream £5.00 with a shot of apple brandy £9.00

Poached pear, buttermilk ice cream, candied walnuts £6.50

Kladdkaka (sticky chocolate cake), whipped cream, pistachio praline £6.50

Nordic cheese plate, apple, sourdough crispbread £9.00

Allergens menu available on request. An optional gratuity of 12.5% will be added to your final bill on departure. VAT is included on food and beverage only at the current rate.