Toast with butter, honey or jam

Scrambled eggs, 
crab, fried bread, lumpfish roe £7.50
Porridge, grated apple, cinnamon, hazelnuts £4.50
Organic yoghurt, granola, fruit compote £5.00

Two eggs any style with homemade rye bread
— Smoked Var Salmon £9.00
— Avocado, pumpkin seed £8.50
— Crisped bacon £8.00

Soft-boiled eggs, soldiers £6.00

BRUNCH (available weekends only from 11:00am)

Raggmunk, Swedish potato pancake with:
— Bacon, lingonberries £8.00
— Poached egg, avocado, lemon, chilli £9.00
— Smoked Var salmon, spinach, poached egg £10.50


Scrambled eggs, crab, fried bread, lumpfish roe £7.50
Mackerel with kohlrabi, fennel, rye crisps, buttermilk and mustard dressing £8.00
Game bird and ham hock terrine, burnt hay salt butter & grilled sourdough £7.50
Celeriac, pumpkinseed pure, kale, pearl barley, beer vinegar, dill crown oil £6.50

Deep-fried plaice fillet, fried potatoes, rainbow chard & beet tops £14.00
Roasted cod, brown butter, pink pepper & dill-pickled cucumber £17.50
Frikadeller, mashed potato, creamy gravy, lingonberries, pickled cucumber £12.50
Beef “Rydberg”, (cubed aged sirloin, potatoes, onions) mustard sauce, egg yolk, watercress £24.50


Cinnamon bun ice cream £5.00 with a shot of apple brandy £4.00
Kladdkaka (sticky chocolate cake), whipped cream, pistachio praline £6.00
Nordic cheeses, chutney, sourdough crispbread £9.00


Please note that all menus are subject to change, please email us for the updated menu.