Aalborg Dild
Danish aquavit with hints of dill and lemon

Aalborg Jubilaeums
Clean and fruity aquavit is in combination with coriander, a trace of star aniseed and citrus

Aalborg Taffel
Classic Aquavit, released in 1846. It has a lovely caraway, citrus flavour

Linie Aquavit is a traditional Norwegian potato-based caraway spirit. Differing from the Danish examples, those from Norway must be matured in old sherry casks. with added aniseed, this is rich and complex

O.P Anderson
A classic brand of Swedish Aquavit, flavoured with caraway, aniseed and fennel. It’s well known and well loved

Hallands Fläder
Hallands Fläder is a Swedish aquavit flavoured with elderberry, creating a very elegant, refined but subtly sweet flavour profile

Classic Swedish aquavit with notes of aniseed and fennel

Lovlos Snaps Smoked Rye Bread
Lightly toasted and smoked, malty flavours

Lovlos Snaps Cool Cucumber
Fresh & Cool

Lovlos Snaps Organic Rose
Delicate and fragrance flavours